Prospective group members:

I am recruiting -- please see this page for further information.

Current undergraduate students:

Ryan Branstetter
Mathematics, Purdue (Class of 2023)
[MA 49 Project: Forecasting the 2022 U.S. midterm elections, Jan. 2022 --]

Caroline Henson
Engineering, Purdue (Class of 2025)
[MA 49 Project: Post-processing software to relate real and simulated fish, Jan. 2022 --]

Former undergraduate and postbac students through Northwestern:

Samuel Chian
Applied Math and Statistics, Northwestern (Class of 2022)
[Forecasting U.S. elections, June to Dec. 2020]

Harita Duggirala
Computer Science, Northwestern (Class of 2024)
[Machine-learning methods to extract cells from fish images, Jan. to May 2021]

Olivia Dunne
Biological Molecular Engineering, U Chicago (Class of 2022)
[SURP project: Analyzing cell size in zebrafish patterns, Summer 2020]

William He
Applied Math and Statistics, Northwestern (Class of 2023)
[Forecasting U.S. elections, April 2020 to Jan. 2021]

Brian Hsu
Northwestern (Class of 2021)
[NU SURG project: Mathematical methods to anlayze polling, Summer 2020, Summer 2021]

Christopher Lee
Chemical Engineering, Northwestern (Class of 2023)
[Forecasting U.S. elections, April 2020 to April 2021]

Emily (Emma) Mansell
Computer Science, Northwestern (Class of 2023)
[Investigating election-forecast accuracy in time, Jan. to May 2021]

Blake Shirman
Current: MS Student, Math, DePaul University
[Public science: Implementing a cellular automaton model of fish patterns for children, Jan. to Sept. 2020]

Former undergraduate students through Brown:

I have also been fortunate to co-mentor several teams of undergraduate students through summer programs at Brown University and ICERM: