This page contains an incomplete list of opportunities, fellowships, mentorship networks, outreach programs, and other resources that I have come across. I add to it in time -- please feel free to email me if you have suggestions for opportunities that I should add. For students and postdocs at Purdue, I include additional Purdue-specific resources here.

Some graduate + postdoctoral fellowships:

Opportunities for undergraduates:

  • Preparing for graduate school: This UCI website contains detailed advice on how to prepare and apply for graduate programs in math, including suggestions for specific steps to take at different stages in your early career.
  • Summer research: There is a list of some summer research jobs for undergraduates (including many research experiences for undergraduates, or REUs) here. A current list of REUs is also available on the application website Math Programs.
  • Internships: The Department of Energy hosts the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program with summer, spring, and fall opportunities.
  • Modeling contest: COMAP's Mathematical Contest in Modeling is an international, virtual, hackathon-style contest in mathematical modeling for high-school and undergraduate students. Students form small teams, work on a modeling problem for a couple days, and write a report.
  • Research contest: The NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology at Northwestern University offers annual prizes for undergraduate research in mathematical biology (students do not have to attend Northwestern). The deadline for submissions is in August, and you can learn more about this opportunity here.
  • Funding: Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research
    • This program provides small grants for some travel and equipment expenses, and it is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Postbac program: Northwestern University has started a postbac program called Causeway with the goal of increasing the number of math graduate students from historically underrepresented groups.
  • Resource fair and mailing list: The OURFAM undergraduate resource fair is focused on connecting students, especially those from underrepresented or minoritized groups, to career-building opportunities and resources for academic careers.

Mentorship, outreach, and diverse careers in math:

  • Community engagement: SkypeAScientist is a great program that connects STEM researchers to classrooms to share their work with students in virtual presentations.
  • Math careers: If you are looking for more information on possible careers in math, SIAM's career brochure includes detailed interviews with people in different positions (mainly outside of academia), and it gives many examples of ways that math is applied.
  • Math Alliance: This organization offers many opportunities and resources, including mentorship and information aboug graduate-school prep.
  • Mentoring network: The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) provides mentoring opportunities for everyone from grade-school students through recent PhDs. You can sign up to receive a mentor (or become a mentor yourself) here.
  • Essay contest: The AWM Essay Contest on Biographies of Contemporary Women in Math is open to undergraduate students (as well as middle and high school students). The deadline for submissions is at the end of January each year, and this is a great opportunity to interview a mathematician and learn more about her career. For PhD students and postdocs, there are opportunities to judge these essays.

SIAM student-chapter resources:

I helped found the Brown SIAM Student Chapter and led it during its first year while I was in graduate school. We organized a range of events (through SIAM as well as through the Division of Applied Mathematics more broadly), and I include some of the posters below in case they are of use for other chapters. Our events included professional panels on grant review, postdoc applications, and publishing, as well as community events such as annual final exam preparation programming.