This page contains an incomplete list of opportunities that I have come across for undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs at Purdue. I will add to it in time -- please let me know if you have suggestions for things that I should include below. For a list of additional general resources, see this page.

Opportunities for Purdue undergraduates:

Community and mentorship: Funded opportunities for research: Travel and research-expense grants: Opportunities to present research:

Opportunities for Purdue graduate students:

Community and professional development: Travel and research grants: Fellowships:
  • Long (searchable) list of external fellowships maintained by the Purdue Graduate Fellowhsip Office
  • Incentive grant ($100 for students who apply to external fellowships)
    • This grant is not contingent on obtaining the fellowship, and each student can recieve the incentive at most once per year.
Funding for other expenses: Summer bridge:

Opportunities for Purdue postdocs:

Community and professional development: Fellowships and research grants: Travel grants:

Opportunities for prospective Purdue graduate students: