Group photos:

2020 election-forecasting team on Election Day (recouping after their super presentation in the Northwestern QBio Group Meeting): Christopher, Samuel, and Will (clockwise), plus me

Will, Olivia, me, Christopher, and Brian (L-R) in our virtual group meeting to celebrate and conclude summer research in August 2020 (with Zoom backgrounds representative of their research projects)

Gil, Berke, Gisela, and Madison (L-R) presenting their poster on the second generation of zebrafish-fin pattern models at the Brown Undergraduate Research Symposium in August 2019

Claire, Cassandra, and Philip presenting their Summer@ICERM research project (on applying PDMPs to understand the stability of agent-based models motivated by zebrafish) at the Brown Undergraduate Research Symposium in August 2016

Dorothy, Neil, Bethany, Madeline, and Francesca (L-R) after their presentation at the SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences in July 2016

Zebrafish-fins group: Björn, Neil, Dorothy, Francesca, Madeline, Bethany, and me (L-R) on the last day of the Summer@ICERM program in August 2016

PDMP group: Philip, Cassandra, and Claire with Veronica and I at the end of the Summer@ICERM research program in August 2016